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History of Surrey Hill Whippets

Surrey Hill Whippets was begun in 1979 by the late Carolyn J. Bowers, whose roots in purebred dogs and purebred dog activities go back to the 1950’s. She achieved success in other breeds, most notably Pembroke Welsh Corgis, before finding her first Whippets from two exceptional litters bred by Dr. Barbara Henderson, Whippoorwill. Carolyn was also successful in Greyhounds during most of the time she was active in the Whippet breed, but after her husband John retired and moved the kennel to Florida, Whippets gradually were de-emphasized in favor of toy breeds such as Chinese Cresteds and Toy Manchesters. She has also had success with her Border Collies, and was a longtime and active obedience instructor and exhibitor, and an active AKC-licensed judge for a number of years. All of Surrey Hill’s top Whippet sires lived with Carolyn, as did many of the top-winning show bitches. Although just about everyone in Whippets knew of Carolyn’s reputation as a breeder/exhibitor and a judge of the breed, not enough people know of her public service work. She was  honored for her public education programs on responsible dog ownership in the Volusia County Schools, and was noted as an instructor and trainer who was highly sought-after by those who were eager to learn. She helped develop disaster plans for pet owners during hurricane evacuations. She manned many public information booths on both the breed, and on dog ownership and training in general. Her contributions to the fancy go way beyond the champions she bred and the great ones she owned.

Therefore, this website is dedicated to my mother, Carolyn J. Bowers (1930-2014), with love and appreciation for all that she taught me and all that she gave so generously to many people in the dog fancy over her years.

About Me

This website content has all been written or added by me, Karen Bowers Lee.

Surrey Hill Whippets has returned to Florida!  Come visit us at our new “old” location in Volusia County!

I did not begin breeding Whippets until I was out in Washington State for graduate school in 1986, but started to handle the kennel’s homebreds in 1983. I am still an active Whippet breeder/exhibitor and have increased my participation in performance events throughout my association with the breed. With the help of my friends and co-breeders, I have kept the Surrey Hill lines going, and I am additionally a point-of-contact for breeder referral and a very active local Whippet and sighthound club member, who enjoys particularly putting on successful events for my clubs. My emphasis is on dual-purpose, and working with the public. I offer “in-home” visits for persons from my area who are curious about Whippets and simply want more information and to see and visit with Whippets of a variety of ages and sexes in a relaxed and informal way, with no pressure to buy a puppy. If you live within two hours of Deland, Florida, and would like to arrange for a home visit to get more information about the breed and see and spend time with Whippets, you may contact me through this website.

Through the years, we have had our share of ups and downs. If you work a bloodline long enough, you will occasionally have something arise which you did not anticipate, and which you would not wish to perpetuate. But, when I was putting together and assembling pictures and information on all of these dogs, I was struck more by the good memories of our breeding program than of those few litters which contained a problem or defect. I really do credit many of the great people in the Whippet world for helping us to achieve those heights of success, as well as for being there for us at times when we had some very hard and painful decisions to make. We also have to give a great deal of credit to the breeders of our foundation stock for starting us of on such a firm footing in the breed, and to friends who brought their own unique insights and talents to some very successful co-bred litters which worked out great for all of us. We have to credit the breeders who have sold us lovely dogs to help compliment our own stock, dogs whose special place in our lives and our line should be apparent when you see their photos and read a little bit about them here. We have to thank the many owners of our puppies and adult dogs, show, performance, and pet, for doing right by them and giving them a chance to reach their potential in a loving and secure home.

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